Childcare Little Friends

Full day 11.5h / 5days in Steinhausen

Near Zug, Baar, Cham, Hünenberg, Hagendorn, Risch, Rotkreuz

1 Kommunikation
> Family like
> encouraging
> and friendly
The communication at day care Little Friends…[:]
1 Kommunikation
2 gefällt
> Here
> I like it
> … for at least four reasons
An important goal at day care Little Friends…
2 gefällt
3 Stimmung
> Here
> I just feel
> … at home
The mood at day care Little Friends…
3 Stimmung
4 Zusammen
> Experience community
> play together
> learn and discover together
Together we are strong at day care Little Friends…
4 Zusammen
5 Lernen
> Being encouraged
> and discovering on your own
The educational concept at day care Little Friends…
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Best qualified, highest level day time childcare

Informal atmosphere
Open to all parents, single parents and children, regardless of origin, denomination and nationality

Offered activities:

Creative crafts, day trips, days in the forest, baking, cooking, singing, storytelling, studio, freedom of movement, free play and much more…

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